Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My influences of Illustrators

There are a lot of artists have influenced and wowed me past few years. Each artists have blessed me with educations, imaginations, knowledge, understanding and big bang my magical world from conventions, comic forum and comic books I read. I narrow down to four of categories are Illustrators, Comic Book Artists, Michigan Artists and The Most Influenced.

Starts with Cartoonist, here are six cartoonists who influenced me.
  1. Luigi Lucarelli, I really love his cartoon style, I going to learns a lot from him and put my works into my graphic novel. So checking out his blog at Load Universe Into Cannon, Aim At Brain, Fire.
  2. Dave Kellett, I enjoying his daily webcomic strip called "Sheldon" and always make laugh.
  3. Ben Hatke, I discovered Ben about year ago from book that's my brought home from her school library and called "Zita the Spacegirl,"  I enjoy the book and artworks are amazing.  I really likes his Robot mini comic strip series at his blog Art & Adventure. Go there and checking them out...
  4.  Les McClaine, webcomic "Tune," Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I recently discover this webcomic couple months ago. I really enjoy it the storyline and artwork.
  5. Ben Caldwell, I discovered Ben while back from his how to draw book Fantasy Cartoon, it was awesome and learns a lot from the book. His website Action Cartooning
Stay tune for next category is Comic Book Artists...