Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good & Bad Birthday

Yep, yestersday was my birthday and I turns 33 years old. I have a ok birthday, not the great birthday and there are a lot of things happened in one day I not expecting. First, I have a wonderful little birthdays party at work in morning. There a lot of yummy treats, ice cream and they sang birthday song to myself and Joan (her birthday on April 1st.)  It was very nice and cheers me up from difficult time.

About around the lunch time, I recieves unexpecting phone from my mother in-law and she wants me come over hospital soon as I track down my wife. After drop kids off at my parents, off went to visit father in-law and praying him for strength and recovery from mid heart attack. Far as we know that he doing alright so far and very slow recovery.  I thanks a lot from friends and family for supports and praying for us, my mother in-law and my father in-law the most. Best thing overall, he didn't die on my birthday and I'm very thanksful for that. Also I'm greatful to be part of praying group with their three pastors and then my dad come visit later afternoon to praying one more time around the my father in-law for best recovery before we leave the hospital. I stay strong best I could to support my wife and my family getting through difficult time and wait to hear good news.

After little while, we leave the hospital and off to my parents to celebrate my birthday to have a cake and ice cream. It was very nice and feels much better than all day along. I feels much better a lot.

Here is my newest toy additional to my art studio, it's Toshiba Thrive HD 10.1 tablet and it's freaky awesome.  Now I can do some digital sketches and drawings at anywhere I go. Stay tune for more updates my father in-law and upcoming post.