Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Gotta love Transformers!  I remember used to watch cartoon Transformers from 1980s and same to my wife too. Good times....

Recently our almost three years old son, Gabe loves Transformers really bad as Pixar movie Cars. It's drive my wife crazy through the roof while I at work full job. She really glad done watching Cars and Cars 2 for two months straight. Especially my daughter gets sick of tired watch them almost every single day when she gets home from school.

We routine first movie The Transformers, next day second movie Revenage of the Fallen and day after third movie Dark of the Moon. We trying have him to watch no more twice a day and skip few scenes to not let him watch.  We're good parents...  Best part from overall, he says "Thank you" when movie ended.

Here is a quick sketch of Bumblebee Head without use any references from internet, came out my head and done in ten minutes. Not too bad...  I wish have more free time to draw whole body, not at work and will do it at home when I have time someday.

Show him drawing last night and he loves it. He wants me to frame when I have a chance and hang on wall in his room.

There is a Bumblebee toy my wife brought for him that's he earned be very good boy while they food shopping last Friday. Since then he brought with him to bed and sleeps with it.

Don't asks why he wears bandage tape across on his forehead.