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Q: What tools do you use?  A: Personal favorite is Alvin "Scott" B/2 2mm lead holder.

Q: Any certain brand you prefer?  A: Does not matter what brand, long as I feel most comfortable while drawing and then I'm satisfied...

Q: Where you gets your supplies from?  A: Grand Art Supply store about three blocks from my day job, Hobby Lobby and Blueline Pro webstore.

Q: Describe a day in you create/work schedule.  A: From Monday to Friday in morning, check social medias twenty minutes every morning before I leave to eight hours day job, after work to spend with family and spare time in evening to draw or work on graphic novel. I spend a lot of time with family and work around the house during day and my free time in evening over weekend.

Q: Digital or Traditional?  A: I do both, mostly traditional and little bit of digital for coloring.

Q: Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop & Manga Studio:  A: Sketchbook Pro 2011 on HP widescreen laptop with Wacom Bamboo Connect.

Q: Tablet - Android or iPad?  A: Android platform tablet - Toshiba Thrive 10.1

Q: What kind of education did you have?  A: Art class at Middle School, High School and one class at Lansing Community College. Most learn from "How to do" draw books and recently learn from Tom Bancroft's Online Workshop at Character Mentor Studio.

Q: What are your passions or interests?  A:

Q: What inspires you?  A: Michael L. Turner,

Q: Who has been an influence on you?  A: Skottie Young,

Q: What's on your drawing table right now?  A: It's messy at moment, a lot of sketched of character desing and big pile of books. Right now, going to be makeover and build new drawing table...