Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good, bad & ugly

Good - This gets me really excited yesterday in mail, I receives Thank you drawing from Mike Meyer and fully story at Superman for Mike Meyer.
Bad - my drawing desk is mess and clutter of junks I trying to sell and recycling.
Ugly - our basement (future family art/craft studio area) is still mess with full boxes we since move in our first home. We're getting there to have more room, unpack one box at time and then decide what to do with it. I been doing really well on eBay past couple weeks. I selling my old hobby I loves back in day, that's 1:28th scale radio control cars/trucks. I funded about two third way to trying gets iPad 2 or iPad 3 for me take to work or anywhere for quick digital sketch/drawing and I don't have to carry paper/pencils everyday home to work to home.
And finally, come back to here late Tuesday afternoon for new post and I have a really good news to share. See you guys Tuesday late afternoon....