Friday, September 14, 2012

Daily Sketch - Gummy Fairy

A few days ago, my wife found a great way to control our three year-old son Gabriel’s gummy treat habit – without causing a major meltdown.  It had gotten so out of control that he was begging all the time, like a little puppy dog.  He was eating three packages of gummy treats every day and wanting more! 
Here’s what she did.  First, she explained to Gabriel that there is a “Gummy Fairy” in our special kitchen cabinet and he’s not allowed to know which cabinet the Gummy Fairy lives in.   Every time Mommy gets the gummy treat from the Gummy Fairy, Gabriel has to close his eyes.  And the Gummy Fairy will only give Gabriel 2 gummy treat packages per day. 
After hearing all this, Gabriel told my wife, “Ooooookay, mommy”.   So far, so good!
Thank you to my good friend Frank F. who edited today story.