Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily Sketch - Blind Elmo

Daily Sketch - Blind Elmo
This is true story...
We have been pick up all toys in the living room before we go to somewhere from 15 minutes up to 4 hours max for to void our golden retreivers chew something up and make mess in middle of room.  
Yesterday after we get home from my parents for lunch after church, they found my son's 7" tall stuffed Elmo to chews up kids toy and even their chewing bone right in middle of livinng room. They chew Elmo's plastic eyes off Elmo into million small piece middle of room. It was funny that Gabriel shout so loud "What the HECK!?!" soon he walk in living room. Then padding softly on head, "Poor Elmo" he said and we try not laugh so hard.  That was cute and sad moment we ever have seen him.
Gonna love kids moment....