Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daily Sketch - Trusty

Last night daily sketch - Trusty
For #4 Online workshop with Tom Bancroft, more information at Character Mentor Studio website -
Optional assignment from Tom Bancroft - "Pretend I am your client, Mr. Rosenberg. I own a company that makes locks. Strong locks. I want a new character mascot and am hiring you to create him. I also like tabby cat kittens so I want it to be a tabby kitten wearing a shirt with a big lock on
it. (Deadbolt style lock). My daughter likes the name Trusty, so that’s his name. He should look strong in his pose. Please give me ONE sketch version of Trusty."
Here is what I come up with and it was fun challenging to draw. I have a lot of practices front of me to be better cartoonist...