Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Social Media Sites

Now days I see a lot of people who they could not lives without any social media sites likes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr and list goes on forever...

Here are top five social media places I goes to. And very important that's I set my limit how much time to spend each of them on regular daily basis.

  1. Facebook - about 95% time I go to FB in morning before I head to work and rare on weekends. I did create fan page of my artwork but not much in there when I have more free time add artworks and news -- click here gets to page.
  2. Twitter - About 90% artists have Twitter account and I likes to follow them what they up and my twitter name is @JHeusinkveld79 if you wants follow me.
  3. Blogger - my blog here oh course, Josh's Another Day of Paradise
  4. LinkedIn - my professional resume and connection with business networks at my work. I know the people...
  5. Google+ - I have the people in my circles and easy access to YouTube, Blogger and now I have own 5G Google Drive to share artworks plus other cool stuff. I have not upload any thing up yet.... But soon.
I do go to WordPress for 30 Characters Challenge only during month of November and always fun try create character a day for whole month of November. Rare places I goes to are Skype, community forums and Formspring to answer questions.

It's very good thing to have set limits how much to spend time at social media sites because I spend most time with my family and works on graphic novel projects. You spend too much time those places, you not gets anything done or accomplishment your goal. Gets know your limits....